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Competition and Antitrust

Weerawong C&P is a market leader in competition and antitrust law in Thailand. Our team advises clients on a full range of competition and antitrust matters, combining extensive experience in cultivating a deep understanding of our clients’ business practices together with practical insight into the workings of the Trade Competition Commission of Thailand (TCCT) as well as specific sector regulators such as the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

Our services range from conducting filing assessments, advising and preparing filings, strategizing defenses and submitting claims to the TCCT, and reviewing contract clauses related to competition law, to drafting of internal policies for compliance. In conjunction with preparation of filings, we also provide market analysis where information is available, and work closely with economists where data need to be gathered and analyzed.

To date, we have advised clients in a variety of industries, including platform, retail, automobile, logistics, aviation, healthcare, specialty chemicals, out-of-home media, insurance, energy management, oil and gas, manufacturing, and cinema, as well as those under specific merger control regulations such as the energy sector and the telecommunications sector.

We are proud that we have earned the trust of many operators in the platform industry, a sector which antitrust authorities in many countries are scrutinizing. Our clients consist of online commerce platform operators and ride-hailing and food delivery application operators. In this industry of growing importance, we have advised our clients in merger control matters, as well as on strategies and defenses against investigations conducted by the Trade Competition Commission (TCC).

As a team dedicated to competition and antitrust, we have expertise in both substantive and procedural aspects of the law. Our frequent communications and discussions with the TCCT on various matters means that we are well placed to have a thorough understanding of the authorities’ views and recent developments in the area.

Weerawong C&P is also involved in the development of competition and antitrust law in Thailand, by actively participating in public hearings and closely cooperating with the TCCT and other agencies, such as the International Trade Centre. We also provide educational seminars on competition law to students at top universities in Thailand, and work towards raising awareness of the importance of competition and antitrust law for business operators.


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