The Firm

Our Mission

Our mission is to impress our clients with everything that we do. Not just once, or twice, but consistently, and with enthusiasm and an unwavering dedication to excellence. There is nothing more important to us than impressing our clients. Here’s how we do it.

One Mind, One Philosophy

Each of our lawyers, from our most junior associates to our most senior partners, is driven by a single purpose – to help our clients achieve their goals in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Excellent, responsive, impressive service is the cornerstone of what we do and providing the highest level of service drives each of our lawyers.

Getting The Deal Done

Clients expect that lawyers will have an in-depth knowledge of the law. As such, legal knowledge is a given. In addition to their deep understanding of Thai law, lawyers at Weerawong C&P also bring their vast practical experience to the table. We understand the commercial needs of our clients and with our “hands-on” approach we are able to help our clients get their deals done. Our lawyers solve problems rather than creating them.

Exceeding Expectations

It is not enough for us simply to do a good job for our clients. We constantly strive to exceed expectations. We do this by understanding our clients’ business needs and anticipating problems before they arise. We provide answers and solutions to questions and problems that our clients have not yet thought about. By constantly exceeding our clients expectations, our lawyers are often viewed as an important and integral part of our clients’ business operations in Thailand.

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